Our Flagship client, Malibu Boats is now the largest watersports boat builder in the market. Steady, careful evolution of the brand and a state of the art product development process will keep them on top for the foreseeable future. Gilbert is proud to have been the principal designer for the past 14 years, totalling over 30 new designs.

The global leader in housboat development and production, Twin Anchors uses Gilbert to push the envelope of houseboat design.

State of the art performance builder located in Kelowna, BC, Canada, leading the world in fast surveillance craft and marine drone technology.

Family business that developed the Gilbert 30+ in the 90s. Features and innovations introduced on this model are have become commonplace in the industry today.

A forward-looking company, Infinyte Marine focused on electric shoreline cruisers utilizing a catamaran hull form for reduced drag and long battery life.

The racing division of Vector Powerboats continues to set world records for endurance and speed.

A design proposal for a group of sailors in Kelowna. A state of the art, light displacement flyer.

Gilbert also applies his expertise to product design and 3D printing.